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2015-06-22 - Finale


If you're new here, the archive of comics can be a bit daunting (and i'll be honest with you, a lot of it sucks) So i've compiled a sweet list of my personal favorite comics for you to check out.



2014-06-13 - Hey Guys, First update in a while. Just letting you know that the updates to the site might come a bit slow far awhile (I'm still gonna try, though!) as i'm working on more animations at the moment. But yeah, If you're not aware of my youtube channel - check it out here! I'm gonna be trying to update this shiz often. In other news, ESCALATOR WIT will be hopefully progressing as much as I can, and there will be a printed edition of JEFFERY FISCH BOY on my store soon!

2013-09-06 - Hey guys, Jake's just moved into his new flat and has no internet (even from his phone, it will not tether, it's lame) so there will be no comix for a few days. He's aiming to upload one Monday, fingers crossed! - Kat

2013-04-27 - HOLY FUCKING SHIT, AN UPDATE! I don't know whether anyone actually reads these, but if you do you can now download/read DISTRACTIONS VOLUME 1 in a sexy-ass PDF form FOR FREE! Just go to this link, yo - Right here! Right click, save as; or read in yo browser! :)

2012-09-22 - HAY GIZE! as said below, below. t-shirts, etc. This time i did a minecraft tee for threadless loves minecraft! It's pretty cool if i do say so myself. So czech it out! -

Steve & Friends - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

2012-09-11 - HOY GOISE! as said below, I like designing Tees, and this time i've done an adventure time tee, for the welovefine competition! (I love adventure time, also). So yeah, if you dig T-shirts, and if you dig adventure time, go drop me a vote! It would mean a lot to me :) You can check out the design - here!

2012-08-31 - trying to get my artist flair on /r/comics ....because reasons. My reddit username is jakeiam :)

2012-08-03 - Hey guise! I don't know whether you know this, but I LOVE designing T-shirts! And I've done a new one that's on threadless! It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. If you're a 90's kid, you'll love it. It's full of nostalgia and junk. Checkidout: 90's Kid - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

2012-06-10 - I dids a new blog post! Which can be found here

2012-06-03 - The new webiste update is complete! Everything should be a lot smoother now, with less bugs, and the art section is now awesome! This was all made possible by my friend WebChimpUK. Oh, and there's new updates too, so go check them out. :3